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Reinvent who you know

Diverse Talent Networks is also a private community for inclusive people who want to take meaningful action, diversify their network and create a more equitable future for all.

Join leaders from some of the world's leading organisations

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What DTN Community + Members are saying

"DTN is a unique and targeted network with truly engaging, experienced professionals who work with and support each other to build an impactful professional community."


Ling - Global Head

"I am interested in hearing everyone's point of view with tolerance, openness and curiosity. How can we bring a meaningful change to the workplace and society without being too dogmatic about our own ideas?"

Jadd - Investment Manager

"Diverse Talent Networks has and will continue to help me in my journey to escape the echo chamber and build a diverse network."

Prashant - Board Member

"I joined to expand my network, share experiences, and connect with like-minded professionals who want to make change happen within their organisation."

Susie - Executive Director

"I joined DTN to join like-minded peers who care about individuals as human beings and aspire to bring about a positive change in the way we work and run companies."

Sandra - Director & Co-Founder

"Being a part of DTN has allowed me to connect with others whose paths I may never have crossed. Many of whom understand this struggle and have successfully made a difference in their organisation."

Kate - Co-Founder

Why Diverse Talent Networks is here

A brief introduction from Lee Higgins, Co-Founder.

What to Expect

  • Build a diverse external board of advisors in a matter of weeks. It could take years for your own organisations to have a truly diverse board - why wait?

  • Connect with senior leaders across industries globally. A knowledge and support network that will help you, and your organisation, thrive.

  • Create and join wider circles to discuss key topics, share experiences, gain knowledge and increase your network.

  • Discover diverse talent in the DTN network for your own team.

  • Regular live discussions and Q&As with the DTN team, guest experts and peers.

  • Engaging, informal in-person events where everyone can be seen and heard.


Make DEI Personal

For all the statements of good intention on equity in the workplace, progress is painfully slow.

Take control of your own DEI journey, independently of your organisation.

Clearly identify yourself as an inclusive leader who is taking personal responsibility.

Connect with leaders and future leaders who are different to you.

Facilitated introductions to help you grow your network on a safe and supported platform.

Build meaningful relationships with advocates and a personal board of advisors.

Creating real social impact and an environment where everyone feels they belong.


Why is joining DTN Community + right for me?

You want to be part of something that demonstrates your commitment to DEI and will make a meaningful social impact.

You're put off by the noise on LinkedIn and would welcome a more private experience facilitated by professionals.

You want to manage your own personal DEI journey and go beyond statements of good intention.

You see value in building powerful, genuine peer-to-peer relationships that will help you grow as a leader.

You are committed to being an inclusive leader and would like to learn more from a diverse network.

You want to join a stimulating, inclusive community with a common purpose - not an echo chamber.

You are tired of participating in the same corporate initiatives around DEI without feeling like you are ever moving the dial.

You've previously considered joining a private network service but are put off by the status driven, exclusive nature of them.


Relationships lead to trust

Trust leads to inclusion

Inclusion leads to change

Make a difference today.
Join leaders from some of the world’s leading organisations in creating a future where everyone feels they belong.

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