Taking meaningful action on

diversity, equity and inclusion.

 The problem is 'who you know'. So change who you know.

Diversity and inclusion within organisations isn't happening effectively enough, or fast enough.

The majority of hires are made from direct networks or from existing staff.

And because networks lack diversity we see the same old faces and get the same old results.

 You can't include diverse talent if you don't know diverse talent.

We build and maintain networks of historically under-represented professionals for leaders and hiring executives.

Hand-picked, experienced people that meet your criteria.

Relationships lead to trust, trust leads to inclusion, and inclusion leads to change.

Be the leader you want to be.

We find the diverse talent you don't have time to.

Pressure-free career conversations that mean you get to know people ahead of the need to hire.

Removing the risk of getting it wrong and taking tangible, visible, accountable action.

Create the change you want to see.

A long-term strategy not a short-term sticking plaster. Sending the right message to employees and clients.

You begin to attract the right people organically, saving you time and budget.

Improving team and company performance while creating a rich, inclusive culture.


Take action today

If you'd like to have a different conversation about diversity and inclusion then we'd love to talk to you. Join the other organisations taking a lead on reinventing 'who you know' culture and creating a more equitable future for all.

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