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Diversity is everyone
and DEI is everyone's responsibility

Diverse Talent Networks is for organisations who want to diversify their talent pipeline. Take a strategic approach to creating a diverse workplace by getting to know talent, far ahead of the need to hire.

Diverse Talent Networks clients include

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Discover, Connect and Innovate

At Diverse Talent Networks (DTN), we believe that true leadership involves understanding people and harnessing diverse talent to drive innovation. That's why we specialise in building personalised diverse networks of up to 12 individuals.

Our approach ensures that these networks are tailored to the specific skills needed in your business – both today and in the future.

By bringing together a diverse set of professionals, we empower leaders to learn from the experienced talent they meet, unlock fresh perspectives, and create greater value for customers and stakeholders.

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Our clients recognise DTN as a powerful tool for leadership development. Leaders learn through conversations with experienced talent that come from different backgrounds to their own. Gaining different perspectives on industry themes and trends and hearing about new solutions develops a leader’s commercial awareness.


They hear first-hand about the challenges some people face when navigating their career journey. They also gain greater clarity about what works when it comes to leadership styles and culture. They develop stronger people skills.

Developing Leaders

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Clients have also hired from their DTN networks, leveraging the exceptional talent pool they've cultivated. This not only saves them precious time but also significant financial resources.


One of our clients recently saved a staggering $100,000 by connecting with their global CTO through DTN. Imagine the possibilities when you have access to a wealth of diverse talent, effortlessly at your fingertips.

Hiring Success

We share insights about what makes a great leader and company culture, what DEI means to diverse talent and where the talent pools are located globally. We also track the talent we introduce and can produce reports that highlight career moves and promotions.

DTN enables organizations to unlock the potential of the leadership journey and take meaningful action on DEI. Join other leading brands who are already experiencing the power of human connection and embracing opportunities for growth, innovation, and success.

Data Insights

What DTN Clients are saying

"DTN is helping me become a better leader through their leadership development program."


"Every conversation with DTN talent is a learning opportunity for me."


"Finally, there is a solution to addressing culture that I can actually implement."

"DTN has removed all the pressure of the typical interview process, allowing me to truly understand people and their motivations."


"Through DTN, we have been able to hire individuals who wouldn't have been considered through our traditional recruitment methods."

"I am pleasantly surprised by the high level of talent and seniority that DTN has introduced me to."

"DTN has saved me both valuable time and money."


"It is now clear to me that diverse talent is out there."

Introducing Diverse Talent Networks

A brief overview from Lee Higgins, Co-Founder.


Why is DTN right for me?

You want to demonstrate your commitment to DEI and do something that makes a meaningful social impact.

You understand the negative impact of groupthink and want to benefit from new perspectives and insights.

You are under increasing pressure to save time and budget on hiring but the networks you rely on lack diversity.

You want to connect with incredible talent but struggle to find the time to do so, or even know where to start.

You want to use your position to create opportunities for historically-overlooked professionals and move the dial.

You understand the value in building a genuinely diverse environment where everyone feels they belong.

You’re uncomfortable with a short-term, box-ticking approach to recruitment that is about targets not talent.

You want to feel like you are doing something that makes a tangible difference.


How DTN works

We define each leaders’ requirements and clarify skill sets in a 1-2-1 onboarding session.

  We then engage in career conversations with appropriate professionals with reference to your organisation.

  We provide talent profiles to the leader, including career aspiration notes and contact details, via our secure platform.

  Leaders make direct contact and build relationships they own, with support and guidance from us.

  We curate and grow your diverse network over time, on average connecting leaders with up to 12 people a year.

All for one annual fee per leader.




Diversity is about more than a few distinct groups - it’s all of us. We find the talent that isn’t being included for a broad range of reasons. Making the previously invisible visible to the leaders who want to meet them, but they don’t always know how.



With DTN you build mutually beneficial relationships over time. Increasing knowledge and awareness on both sides. Any future hirings will be based on openness and a genuine understanding of each other, so there’s an equality from the outset.



When you’re in a role for the right reasons - your talent - you feel a real sense of belonging. And when you belong, you stay. Able to bring your true self to the role for the benefit of everyone. Everyone grows and the business grows with them.


Relationships lead to trust

Trust leads to inclusion

Inclusion leads to change

Join other forward-thinking organisations taking a more inclusive and strategic approach to talent.

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