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We build bespoke networks that connect leaders with underrepresented talent. Creating an equitable, profitable future for all.


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Despite good intentions, progress isn't happening fast enough.

The well-meaning desire to ‘fix diversity’ and demonstrate a difference leads to an obvious course of action - hiring. But the pressure to save time and fees means it’s human nature to rely on existing networks that lack diversity. Attempts to overcome this bias have in turn led to a box-ticking approach to recruitment. Being hired is not the same as being included. ‘The Great Resignation’ is full of those who felt like they never really belonged.

A relationship process not a recruitment process.

  We introduce underrepresented talent to the leaders who want to meet them via our secure, one-to-one online platform. Removing the awkwardness and 'where do I start?' of trying to meet unfamiliar people. Both parties knowing that the other is there for the right reasons and with an open mind. A chance for leaders to speak without fear of saying the wrong thing and for historically-overlooked talent to be genuinely seen and heard.

Reinventing who-you-know culture for the benefit of all.

  Building an authentic relationship over time creates the space for boundless growth and progress, because who knows where a conversation can lead? By simply talking to each other we break down barriers and gain invaluable insights, knowledge and understanding. It also means the heat is taken out of future hires because the next time someone inevitably asks ‘Who do you know?’ - the answer naturally includes diverse talent.

Allowing forward-thinking leaders and organisations to simply and affordably take meaningful action on DEI. Giving underrepresented talent direct access to people who want to make a difference. 


Diversity is about more than one or two groups. We find the talent that’s been historically overlooked for a broad range of reasons. Making the previously invisible visible to the leaders and organisations that want to meet them. They just don’t always know how.


Mutually beneficial relationships built over time. Increasing knowledge and awareness on both sides. Future hirings based on openness and a genuine understanding of each other, so there’s an equality from the outset.


When you’re in a role for the right reasons you feel a real sense of belonging. And when you belong, you stay. Able to bring your true self to the role for the benefit of everyone. Everyone grows and the business grows with them.

Organisations committed to Diverse Talent Networks:

Relationships lead to trust

Trust leads to inclusion

Inclusion leads to change 

Diverse talent works - it's proven


Organisations with a diverse workforce are significantly more likely to outperform those without it. Being equitable is profitable. Having a mix of skills, experiences and knowledge makes a business more able to anticipate shifts and innovate. Breaking up the invidious influence of groupthink that makes good people make bad calls. Decision-making improves, productivity increases and so does people's happiness. In times of change it's those that embrace differences that emerge stronger.

We believe in a future where talent wins, regardless of where it comes from or what it looks like.

Make a difference today and join some of the world’s leading organisations in creating an equitable, profitable future for all.

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