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Why are people more likely to hire someone they know?

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

We've identified the following reasons why people are more likely to hire someone they know:


When you know someone, you are more familiar with their skills, abilities, and work style. This can make them seem like a safer choice and reduce the risk of hiring someone who might not be a good fit for the organisation.


When you know someone, you are more likely to trust them. This can be particularly important when it comes to hiring, as trust is an important component of any working relationship.


When you know someone, you are more likely to have received recommendations about their work from others. These recommendations can help to build your confidence in the person's abilities and make them a more attractive candidate.

Personal connections

When you know someone, you are more likely to have a personal connection with them. This can create a sense of loyalty and commitment to the person, which can make them a more attractive candidate for a job.

Ease of communication

When you know someone, it can be easier to communicate with them and build a working relationship. This can be especially important in fast-paced or high-stress work environments where effective communication is critical.

Whilst hiring someone you know can be attractive for these reasons, it's important to recruit the person who's best qualified for the role. It can also lead to the same faces, with the same experiences and backgrounds getting recruited time and time again. This lack of diversity, especially in senior leaderships roles, is likely to have a seriously negative impact on any business.

Make sure you are diversifying your network so that next time someone asks 'who do you know?', you know just the person, and they are not the same as you!

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