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The Power Of Networking

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

As you might imagine we're passionate about the value of networking and the sometimes undervalued role it plays in our professional lives. Our leadership team has a diverse set of skills and experiences so we asked what networking means to them and what makes it the secret sauce to success.


"As a former recruiter, I've had the pleasure of getting to know some great talent from a wide variety of backgrounds. The one thing that really struck me about this talented group of people was their commitment to networking. They have networked relentlessly throughout their career and attribute networking as one of the main reasons for their progress and success. Networking can help you move forwards professionally but also enrich your life on a personal level too. With a large, diverse network you will feel supported, hear about new career opportunities, develop mentoring relationships and friendships, all whilst broadening your knowledge on a wide range of topics."

Lee Higgins, Founder


"The power of networking is critical when building and hiring teams. Networking provides a rich and diverse ecosystem for business leaders and talent to get to know each other in non-pressurised and relaxed environments. It provides an opportunity for individuals to show their unique side, share ideas and knowledge, gain new perspectives, inspire others and let their personalities shine. People get together, they build, broaden and deepen relationships, which can result in long lasting friendships, mentors, partnerships or even a new career opportunity!

A genuine and memorable relationship is a great starting point to build a successful team and help create an environment where people feel valued and accepted."

Dr Rabia Shirazi, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer


"Networking is absolutely critical to a long and successful career. A trusted network can unlock a multitude of career and business-related opportunities that would otherwise pass you by. Conversely, your network should be the first thing you tap into if and when your career takes an unexpected turn for the worse. If I had to recommend just one aspect of career management at the expense of all others – it would be networking - hands down."

Dan Whitehead, Co-Founder & Co-Managing Director.

"As an HR Leader in a global business I have always encouraged colleagues to network as widely and deliberately as possible. I’m a big believer in the network effect, not only as a product and marketing phenomenon but also as a way for organisations and people to develop their antennae, avoid introspection and group-think and understand and build their true value. Many of the most successful and sustainable hires I’ve been involved in have been the result of long term relationships formed through active networking. " Gareth Jones, Co-Founder & People Director


Our experiences tell us that networking is fundamental to personal development but not everyone has the opportunity to meet the people who can help them. We're here to change that and, using the power of networking, reinvent who-you-know culture for the benefit of all. If you're a leader who wants to make a difference, or a professional who would like to connect with such a leader, get in touch.

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